Scholarship holders studying in university preparatory programmes had the opportunity to visit one of Hungary’s iconic geographical landscapes, Hortobágy and Lake Tisza, as part of a study trip.

In the Ecocenter located at Lake Tisza, they could see Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium, the Hungarian Waterworld exhibition and try balancing on wooden rafts themselves.

Traditional Hungarian lunch (stewed mutton with dumplings) was followed by the presentation of an old folk custom: the students could see how the shepherds drive the domestic animals in from the pastures in autumn. The braver ones could also go to the horses, oxen and buffaloes, talk to the shepherds, and observe the methods of driving the animals.

And around sunset, they could look at the sky and follow the “migration of cranes”, i.e. the mass flight of cranes over the perfectly flat landscape of the “Hungarian steppe” of Hortobágy.