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Information about the Balassi Training Programs is available on the website. The description of scholarship courses of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the current and archival call for tenders, and the news about the current events of the courses are displayed, as well as the website also provides a search function for those interested.

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Terms of Use

1.    Notions

1.1. Content

All text-based, graphic, moving and still image news, regardless of their downloadability, or solely being available on the website.

1.2. User

The natural or legal person or organization without legal character who uses the content of the website (with or without registration) and thereby accepts these terms of use.

2.    Use of Content

2.1.   Use of the website’s textual content

User undertakes

  • in the case of material taken from the website and published with unchanged text or without substantial changes, to indicate the source;
  • to process and publish the material taken from the website without distorting its content, in a way that excludes misunderstandings and malicious conclusions, and can be inserted into the original context;
  • that if corrections, adjustments or clarifications are issued on the website in relation to the published news material, or the news material is withdrawn by the website operator, they shall immediately correct, adjust, clarify or validate it, and shall refrain from referring to the original news material in the future, as well as even referring indirectly to it;
  • in case of failure to correct, clarify or retract the news, or due to news processing – e.g., change of address, re-editing, etc. – during an event of inquiry, complaint or claim from a third party, shall fully justify and acknowledge that the Content Provider, or the responsibility of the website operator is excluded in these cases;
  • does not store the Content in whole or in part beyond the framework of legal use (apart from the cases of display outside the usage platform), does not create a database or archive, or makes it accessible.

2.1.2.    Use of website’s still image content

User undertakes to

  • communicate photos taken from the website with the following source designation: https://balassieducation.hu/en/
  • publish the caption of the photo only together with the image. They may not use the image to illustrate other news or text if this contradicts the original message of the image;
  • not to pass on the photo recording(s) to third parties for further use, not to create an archive from the photo recording(s);
  • not to change the content of the photograph(s) and the accompanying text(s) – especially its characters – either by retouching, cutting, computer intervention (e.g., copying) or in any other way, and pays special attention during communication to respect personal rights;
  • publish the graphics published on the site only with the source indicated on them, does not form an archive from the graphic(s).

2.1.3. Use of the website’s moving image content

User undertakes to

  • communicate videos taken from the website with the following source designation: https://balassieducation.hu/en/
  • publish the signature of the video only together with the image;
  • not to pass on the video recording(s) to third parties for further use, not to create an archive from the video recording(s);
  • not to change the content of the video(s) and the accompanying text(s) – especially its characters – either by retouching, cutting, computer intervention (e.g., copying) or in any other way, if this video contradicts its original meaning; and pays special attention while communicating to respect personal rights;

2.2.     Free to Use

The User is entitled to the Content in accordance with Article LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright Act (hereinafter: Szjt.) for use that is considered free use, provided that in the case of all methods of use, the source and the name of the author is being indicated in the manner specified in these “Terms of Use”; the use may not exceed the scope justified by the purpose; it is not harmful to the normal use of the work and does not unreasonably damage the legitimate interests of the author; and if it meets the requirements of fairness and is not aimed at a purpose incompatible with the purpose of free use, it may also not indirectly serve the purpose of earning or increasing income.

The direct or indirect use of the Content linked to the news agency service is strictly prohibited, even in the event that it does not indirectly serve to generate income.

The automatic, indiscriminate reception of the Content by software or by other means is also prohibited.

2.3.     Limitation of use of Content for direct business acquisition

The Content is available to Users free of charge. Based on all of this, it is expressly prohibited to use the contents of the website as a news agency service, or to carry out similar or identical activities, including the sale of the Content in whole or in part, as well as its incorporation into a news agency service.

3.    Data management

The personal data provided by the Users when using the website are handled in compliance with the current legal regulations, they cannot be transferred to third parties, and they can only be used to the extent necessary for the operation of the service.

The detailed data management information can be found here.

4.    Disclaimers and miscellaneous provisions

  • The website operator strives to maintain error-free continuity of the service, but assumes no responsibility for the functionality of the website and the flawless operation of the service it provides.
  • The website operator reserves the right to change the content, structure and appearance of the website, and is not obliged to announce these changes in advance.
  • The website operator does everything to ensure that the materials on the website are free of viruses and other harmful programs.
  • The website operator disclaims any responsibility for perceived or real damages to the User resulting from the use of the website, while using the website or for the inability to use the website. The User uses the website solely at their own risk.
  • The website operator assumes no responsibility if the Content is not available in the User’s system due to compatibility or other errors. The website operator or the Content Provider cannot be held responsible for any perceived or actual damage or delay caused to the User as a result.
  • The website operator is entitled to unilaterally modify these “Terms of Use” at any time by informing the Users about the modification in the form of a short notice on the home page of the website. If the User starts using any part of the website after the modification, it is considered as acceptance of these modifications.
  • In the event of any violation of the law or violation of these terms and conditions by the User, or in the event of a well-founded suspicion thereof, the User may be permanently excluded from the service without notice, and against him the Szjt. and other relevant laws, proceedings may be instituted.
  • In relation to issues not regulated by these “Terms of Use”, the Szjt., Act XI of 1997 on the Protection of Trademarks and Geographical Indications; Act CIV of 2010 on Freedom of the ress and basic rules of media content; and the effective provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code are governing.