Our History

  • 2022


    Balassi Education Programs

    Scholarship programs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • 2016

    Balassi Institute integrates into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFA-Balassi)



  • 2007


    Balassi Institute (BI)

  • 2002

    Balassi Bálint Institute



  • 1997


    Hungarian Language Institute

    Magyar Nyelvi Intézet (MANYI)

  • 1994

    Kodolányi János Institute



  • 1992


    Kodolányi János Hungarian Language Preparatory Institute

  • 1967

    Hungarian Pre-university Institute for Foreign Students

    Nemzetközi Előkészítő Intézet (NEI)



  • 1957


    University preparatory for foreign students

    1964–66 ELTE International Preparatory Institute

  • 1952

    Beginning of Hungarian language preparatory courses



Balassi Scholarship Programmes (and its legal predecessor training) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has been operating in the Hungarian education system since 1957.

Students attend 24,000 Hungarian language lessons per year in our accredited courses. Lecturers teach approximately 16,000 lessons per academic year in the most diverse field of Hungarian culture (literature, history, geography, linguistics, ethnography, etc.), as well as in the subjects required for further study at universities in Hungary.

No other educational institution in Hungary has so many Hungarian language classes: students from more than 40 countries around the world are taught by our teachers who have degrees in Hungarian as a foreign language.

Our educational programme is wide-ranging: we offer learning opportunities for foreigners from language courses to Hungarology studies, furthermore university preparatory programmes and summer university.

During the academic year, you can choose from our normal (12 hours per week), intensive (20 hours per week) and afternoon (6 hours per week) language courses. But in the summer, you can also enrol in the four-week Balassi Summer University, which has been welcoming 70-90 students a year for more than 10 years.

Our educational offer includes 6 types of scholarship programmes in addition to self-funded language courses. Find detailed descriptions of the programmes on the Study Programmes page.