The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade announced Balassi Summer University 2022, within the framework of the Balassi Scholarship Programme.

The objective of the scholarship is to improve, broaden and strengthen the Hungarian language skills and cultural knowledge related to Hungary.

Besides the intensive learning of the Hungarian language, the Balassi Summer University offers lectures on Hungarian literature, history, geography, ethnography, theatre history and cultural history. The students attend 80 Hungarian language classes and participate in 40 classes/fieldwork/programmes of Hungarology. During the extracurricular programs (excursions, museum visits, etc.) they can experience Hungarian culture.

This year, the event will take place between 18th July 2022 and 12th August 2022.

Applications can be submitted by persons of Hungarian origin who have reached the age of 18, who live in the diaspora outside the Carpathian Basin, and who have foreign citizenship, as well as persons who have reached the age of 18, who are not of Hungarian origin, and who have foreign citizenship. Active community work and activities related to Hungarian culture are an advantage when evaluating the application.

The deadline for the electronic submission of the application is 1st April 2022, 24:00 (UTC+1)

The call for applications can be found here: