The goal of the Hungarian Language and Hungarian Studies programme is to increase students’ Hungarian language competence and “Hungarology” knowledge acquired at foreign universities. The accredited training programme of the University of Pécs offers 26/46/55 ECTS credit points depending on the type of curriculum (three types).

This training is intended for individuals of non-Hungarian citizenship (and of non-Hungarian descency) under the age of 35 years, whose native language is other than Hungarian and are graduate or undergraduate students of Hungarian Studies.

Participants study in three different types of curricula according to their initial Hungarian language competence:

  • training-A provides a higher number of Hungarian language classes for beginner level students. The exclusive teaching goal is to improve students’ language competence, so that they are capable of following special Hungarian Studies courses in the second semester.
  • training-B is designed for advanced level students who first learn the Hungarian language intensively, then the subjects in Hungarian Studies. The improvement of students’ language competence is promoted by a higher number of language classes throughout the first semester, so that in the second semester their language skills enable them to attend a higher number of classes in special Hungarian Studies.
  • training-C is designed for students whose command of Hungarian is intermediate, so they are able to follow “Hungarology” subjects in both semesters in higher number of lessons. So, training-C students study by almost the same curriculum in both semesters.

Duration of the programme

The 10-month long training takes place between the beginning of September and the end of June and consists of two semesters. Students attend 28–32 classes each semester during the study periods, and take maximum 4 exams in the exam periods.

Description of the programme

Improving students’ language skills is a major goal of the training. To achieve this, students attend 12–28 lessons a week depending on their initial Hungarian language level in groups of 5–10. The language training is completed with an international ECL language exam approved by the Hungarian state. Its credit value is 10/15 depending on the level (intermediate or advanced).

The initial language competence defines also the curriculum of Hungarian Studies courses to be attended. The interdisciplinary courses in Hungarian Studies transfer a complex and diverse knowledge of present Hungary and its cultural heritage. Beside compulsory lectures and seminars students attend optional seminars as well according to their individual field of interest. The credit value of “Hungarology” studies is 16/36/40 depending on the curriculum.

Requirements and completion of the programme

Students’ progress of Hungarian language acquisition is continuously assessed both in writing and orally. They also prepare oral and/or written presentations which require individual work. The Hungarian language subject is completed with exam. Successful language exam is verified by an ECL language exam certification.

In case of lecture-based subjects students’ progress is continuously assessed orally in the study period. Lecture-based subjects are completed with an oral and/or written exam in the exam period.

In case of seminar-based subjects students prepare written and/or oral presentations in the study period, while continuously give evidence of acquiring the course material properly.

Students of training-B and -C also write a final essay on any Hungarian-related subject and take a final exam as well.

The successful completion of the programme is confirmed by a final certificate issued by the University of Pécs.


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