Between April 28 and 30, students of the Baccalaureate Entrance Preparatory Programme
took part in an intensive graduation preparation camp in Ceglédfürdő. The programme aims to deepen the knowledge acquired during the entire academic year, as well as to have a suitable task-solving routine to successfully pass the upcoming exams.

During the camp, the participants in the preparatory training received late-night training in the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. In the subject of biology, in addition to solving the matriculation exam tasks, the students were able to apply their acquired theoretical knowledge in an ecological field exercise and within the framework of practical laboratory sessions. In addition to solving the matriculation exam tasks, the three-day program also played a community-building role for the scholarship recipients from across the border, as students from different regions (Highland, Transcarpathia, Vojvodina, Muravidék, Csángóföld) got to know each other better during the evening campfire and volleyball matches between assignments.