The aim of the Training in Literary Translation Knowledge and Literary Translation Skills is to deepen the participant’s knowledge of the Hungarian language and literature – with particular attention to contemporary prose, lyric and drama – and to introduce the participants to the analysis and translation techniques of literary works, as well as cross-cultural translation practices. In addition, the training provides comprehensive knowledge of the institutional systems and important phenomena of today’s Hungarian literary life. The training aims to develop the preparation and skills of applicants who wish to work in the future with the translation and interpretation of Hungarian literature and the introduction of Hungarian culture abroad.

The training is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (hereinafter referred to as ‘Ministry’). The courses are conducted by KKM Hungarian Diplomatic Academy Kft. as a Training Institution on behalf of the Ministry.

Foreign citizens whose native language is not Hungarian can apply for the training, who have a higher degree (or are about to obtain a degree) and who have not yet reached the age of 36. The training assumes a good knowledge of the Hungarian language (at least level B2) and thorough knowledge of Hungarian literary history.

The ten-month course offers 13 weeks in the autumn semester and 15 weeks in the spring semester, stylistic knowledge in the framework of contact classes in the classroom, literary translation exercises through the interpretation, analysis and translation problems of literary excerpts, as well as literary history and contemporary literary seminars. In addition, the participants translate various types of Hungarian literary texts during the ten months, during which they are supported by a professional lector (consultant) speaking their native language in the form of systematic individual consultations.