On March 24, 2023, advanced language level students from Hungarian Language and Hungarian Studies visited the temporary exhibition “They wrote the sang for us” at the House of Music. “The heroic age of Hungarian popular music and its social effects, from 1957 to the regime change” is an exhibition uses exciting technical solutions to guide its audience through the first three decades of Hungarian pop music from social, political and sociological perspectives. Since the students’ optional seminar deals with this topic, it was obvious to visit this exhibition, as they could experience the learned educational material in a tangible form. The students could listen to the biggest hits of this period, through headphones and surround speakers. It was a special experience for them to see life-size photographs of the musicians, as well as taking photos in front of one of the monumental LP covers that filled the entire interior wall. At the end of the exhibition, the students could walk across the “K-bridge” to the Sziget Festival, first organized in 1993, and in the museum shop they could taste the emblematic drinks and sweets of the Kádár era.