Call for scholarship application of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary for the Balassi Summer University 2024

Note: This document has been prepared in English as complementary material to the official Hungarian language call-for-application. In case of doubt, please refer to the original version and/or contact us.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary (hereunder (MFA) based on the 606/2023. (IX.6.) Government Decree and the 11/2022. (IX. 6) MFA Order on the Organizational and Operational Regulations of the MFA, within the Balassi Scholarship Programme with Márton Áron Scholarship invites applications for the



The objective of the scholarship is to improve, broaden and strengthen the Hungarian language skills and knowledge related to Hungary of the participants in the programme.


Besides the intensive learning of the Hungarian language, the Balassi Summer University offers lectures on Hungarian literature, history, geography, ethnography, history of film and cultural history. The students attend 80 Hungarian language classes, and they also participate in 40 classes/fieldwork/programmes of Hungarology. During the extracurricular programmes (excursion, museum visits, etc.) they can experience the Hungarian culture.

The four-week long course takes place in Budapest with the cooperation of an institution providing adult education, the KKM Magyar Diplomáciai Akadémia Kft. (hereunder KKM MDA Kft.). At the end of the Hungarian language course, participants will take a written exam. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an adult education certification.


The duration of the programme is 4 weeks (15 July 2024 – 9 August 2024).

The scholarship includes:

  • full tuition fee
  • course material
  • accommodation
  • three meals a day
  • a 30-day pass for public transport
  • travel insurance (HUF 400/person/day) for the scholarship period
  • attending the extracurricular programmes
  • attending the excursion

Maximum number of scholarships to be awarded: 60


Individuals entitled to submit their applications for participation in the Balassi Summer University are:

  • of Hungarian descent, citizens and residents of the diaspora communities beyond the Carpathian Basin who have reached the age of 18 at the start of the training and have citizenship of a member state of the European Union, or
  • of non-Hungarian descent, citizens and residents of other countries, who have reached the age of 18 at the start of the training.

We draw your attention to the fact that individuals of Hungarian origin who have reached the age of 18 at the start of the training, live in the diaspora communities outside the European Unionand who have foreign citizenship (except EU citizens) and wish to apply for summer university, should submit the application within the framework of the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship. They can submit to the Balassi Summer University via the following application website:

Volunteer work and any other activities related to the Hungarian culture are taken into consideration in the selection of the applicants.

For scholarship-holders class attendance is compulsory. Should a participant miss classes without any cause, or violate the Scholarship Agreement/ Adult Education Contract and/or Rules of House of the accommodation, he/she will lose immediately the right to continue the programme and the right to accommodation.


Deadline for applications: 28 March 2024, 24.00 (UTC+1)


Steps of application:

1. Application website

Applications are to be submitted via the application website

Please visit the site, prepare and submit your application according to the information provided there.

2. Required documents

Required documentation and references for the application:

  • signed statement of the applicant (format: .pdf; .jpg) [mandatory document]
  • CV (format: .pdf) [mandatory document]
  • an approx. 200-word essay on why you would like to study in Hungary and how can utilize acquired knowledge in your home country (format: .pdf) [mandatory document]
  • copy of (non-Hungarian) passport or other travel document (format: .pdf; .jpg) [mandatory document]
  • in the case of applicants of non-Hungarian origin reference letter from a social organization (eg., school, foundation, church, scouts etc.); foreign representation of Hungary; visiting language instructor; visiting professor; recognized individual;

in the case of applicants of Hungarian origin reference letter from a foreign representation of Hungary; a Hungarian organization; a recognized individual of the Hungarian community; a visiting language instructor; a visiting professor or in the absence of the above, a document proving Hungarian origin (format: .pdf) [recommended document].

Evaluation of the Application

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade (responsible for operating the scholarship) makes decisions on the applications based on the proposal of the Evaluation Committee set up by MFA. The decision is binding on all applicants.

MFA will not consider applications submitted after the deadline and/or incorrectly and/or incompletely and/or illegibly. Missing application documents cannot be replaced.

Publication of the results

Applications will be evaluated by 3 May 2024 and applicants will be notified about the results within 3 workdays afterwards via e-mail by MFA.

Successful applicants must confirm the acceptance of the scholarship via e-mail by 10 May 2024.

The scholarship does not cover the following expenses:

  • travel to and from Hungary
  • the fee of visa, if necessary
  • additional fee of travel insurance (at the scholarship recipient’s own discretion, for the training period)
  • spending money, cost of personal expenses


  • Signing Scholarship Agreement and Adult Education Agreement with the KKM MDA Kft.
  • Any applicant providing unreal, false information on the datasheet, and/or making such a statement when applying, and/or withholding any fact or data concerning the assessment of the application may be excluded from the application procedure.
  • By submitting their application, applicants consent to the processing of their data on the application form by the MFA, by the decision-shaping bodies and decision-makers defined above for the time necessary for the decision – but not later than 11 August 2024.
  • The list of scholarship winners is public. By participating in the application, the applicant agrees that his/her name and nationality will be published on the website of the MFA if s/he is awarded a scholarship by the MFA.
  • Scholarship winners will be continuously informed about the tasks required to start the training and move into the accommodation and about the conditions according to the Hungarian legislation and/or the regulations of the scholarship programme.
  • The applicant acknowledges that the conditions of starting the training and moving to the accommodation will be determined by MFA and KKM MDA Kft. no later than four weeks before the start of the programme and will be communicated by e-mail to the successful applicants.
  • The applicant acknowledges that, because of the epidemiological or other emergency situation, or with regard to changes in the legislation regarding the training and their participants, or in the case of amendments to the legislation on entry and residence in Hungary, the MFA may postpone the pre-planned start date of the Balassi Summer University (15 July 2024). In a serious situation the MFA may refuse to start the programme, may decide to suspend the programme and continue it after the suspension has been lifted, and may decide to apply for a training period shorter than it is determined in this call for application. The applicant acknowledges that no claim can be submitted to KKM MDA Kft. in the case of circumstances beyond its control and unforeseen at the time of the announcement, or the case of change in the legal environment. The applicant acknowledges that the implementation of extracurricular programmes depends on the evolution of epidemical or other emergency situations and related rules. The applicant undertakes that in the event of the occurrence of any of the above circumstances, s/he does not file a claim for damages against the MFA or KKM MDA Kft. regarding this circumstance.


Act LV of 2023 on the Central Budget of Hungary for 2024, Annex 1, Chapter XVIII, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Title 7, Chapter 7, Chapter 1, Appropriations, Article 33, Scholarships and other training programmes for foreigners. Act on State Finances NO: 381084

Amount: HUF 74.901.449


For further information please contact:

Ms Veronika Fűr


Phone: +36 70 684 5209

Address: H-1107 Budapest, Zágrábi Str. 1-3., Bihari Irodaház, 1st floor, office 102.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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